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It should be the most incredible time of your life. But often, it can be the most traumatic. You've just had a new baby and yet you feel like it's the end of your life. You spend all day at home and have no one to talk to. You miss your old job and your friends. You worry you're a bad mother. 

Isolation, loneliness, depression, guilt and shame...

The list goes on.

In themselves these concerns may not seem very serious. However, over time they build up and usher in a form of Postnatal depression - from mild unhappiness to clinical.

But you are not alone.

One in five mums suffer Postnatal depression to some degree - one in five!

That's why Take a Break has launched it's biggest campaign ever - Chums4mums.

Chums4mums is a social network which allows you to contact other mums in your area. What you do next is up to you. You can email one another, text or meet up. You can share problems. You may become best friends. Every mum can find a chum.

Already 10,000 mums are registered. You can join us today!

Tick on the box on the registration page if you're interested. See our testimonials for how Chums4mums has helped other mothers across the country. 

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